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About Us

Our story is basically borne out of the frustration of Africans not benefitting fully from modern financial technologies and avenues to create wealth via more frictionless financial interactions. Our driving force is to be a catalyst of a new spirit in Africa; where we can come together irrespective of our birth countries, join hands and build a brand that will represent the soul of Africa and be known for value creation and development.

Our Vision

At Bitcoin Prime, our vision is to help as many people as possible to create the life they want for themselves using the power of cryptocurrency. Because we believe that everyone deserves a chance at attaining financial freedom, we have partnered with trustworthy brokers to help us bring this dream to reality with as little as $250.

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Our Story

Since economic crumbling has become a regular activity for most parts of the world, we thought it necessary to provide a suitable alternative for the average human being. Hence, the reason we created Bitcoin Prime is to make it possible for regular people to work towards a better financial reality.

Why Bitcoin Prime Is The Right Trading Platform For You

Trading can be intimidating, especially for new beginners, but with Bitcoin Prime, all that fear is bound to go away. At Bitcoin Prime, we are committed to providing a transparent, safe, and easy-to-use platform to enable anyone, anywhere access the cryptocurrency economy. It does not matter if you are new to trading, or have years of experience, Bitcoin Prime is here to help you.

Our team consists of some of the most brilliant minds you would ever find. With the help of our partners, we are committed to accelerating human strive for economic freedom. With this in mind, our dedicated team of professional individuals have made it their utmost purpose to help you enjoy your trading experience.

The technology behind Bitcoin Prime is one that is rare, and incredibly powerful. Our users attest to the fact that the Bitcoin Prime software is more efficient, and suitable for trading than any other one they have tried. Set for a new financial life?

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Core Values

Fruitful Collaborations

We believe we can go the distance if we can leverage on the strengths of others, rather than reinvent the wheel. This is how to scale and impact more lives.


Like the blockchain, we try to be open and transparent to all our stakeholders and are always ready to learn how to provide more value and impact more lives.


With respect and honesty, we are able to build an inclusive business with teammates from across Africa. The Ubuntu philosophy is close to our hearts. We all win when one of us wins.